Why Natural Soap is Better for You
Are you aware of the difference between a regular soap and a natural soap? A natural handmade soap is organic and natural. It is made up from chemical reaction between water, lye and oil. The different kinds of oil are used in making handmade soaps. Each type of oil has its own properties and it is this that makes a handmade soap slightly different from the other handmade soaps.

The problem with commercial soaps that are mass-produced or brought from department stores or grocery stores is that they cannot be considered as soaps at all. They are in fact detergents, made up from petroleum such as gasoline or oil. This is the reason why regular soaps causes irritation on the skin. Individuals have also been seen suffering from extreme problems of irritations by using these kinds of petroleum products. Alkali is the most common irritant present in regular soaps. This compound however, doesn't exist in a natural soap and so individuals using natural organic soaps do not face problems of dry skin and irritation.

Have you ever felt your skin to get itchy, tight or flaky? If yes, it might be due to the use of regular soaps. The presence and high amount of alkali in the detergent-based soaps causes all these things to happen. Other than alkali there are also many other harmful ingredients included in these detergent-based soaps. They are alcohol, isopropyl, Tricoslan and BHT, which are mostly present in antibacterial regular soaps. These chemicals are not at all good for the skin.

Switching on to an organic, natural soap will stop cause all these problems and make the difference in the skin. Pamper your skin by using handmade organic soaps. They don't even cost much. Moreover, they are also easily available.

The organic handmade soap manufacturers use glycerine in the handmade soaps. This is in fact one of the most prominent ingredient that distinguishes an organic handmade soap from a regular soap. The commercial soap manufacturers usually extract glycerine to use them for lotions and other such beautifying products but a high quality organic handmade soap will always have glycerine in it. This is a compound that soothes and moisturizes the skin. Since glycerine can draw moisture out in air, it helps the skin to remain soft and moist for a long period of time, which generally doesn't occur when using detergent based, mass-produced soaps.

It's a misconception that you can buy organic handmade soaps in only one generic kind of bar. This is however a complete misconception. Bath soaps with natural and pure ingredients are available in various forms, shapes and sizes. Natural liquid soaps are also widely available in the market.

Soaps are an item that most of the individuals do not give a second thought on while purchasing. Soap is one of the most important products that can make the skin glow. By using a natural soap for your skin you can ward off premature wrinkles on the skin as well as stop skin irritation. There are a number of stores selling natural organic soaps. However, its best to go through users reviews before buying them from an online shop.